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Destination AI: How Emerging Artificial Intelligence Tools Can Improve Your Customer Experience

from - Central Time

Consumer access to connected devices and new technologies is exploding. For contact centers, this means more opportunities to meet customer expectations or painfully miss the mark – and lose the customer for life. As a result, organizations feel the pressure to innovate and scale at a rapid pace to solve these emerging business challenges.

Contact center leaders are asking:

  • How do we keep up with the increased number of connected devices and channels our customers use?
  • How do we improve experiences with limited resources?
  • How do we ensure our customer journeys elevate expectations, rather than disappoint?
  • How do we empower employees and agents with the tools they need, when they need them?

The simple answer: AI.

Artificial intelligence is a tool that can solve every one of these questions, and then some.

In this webinar, TTEC Digital's Genesys Cloud experts will cover contact center AI fundamentals and business-critical use cases including:

  • Using AI to optimize processes, reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Improving natural language understanding (NLU) to stand up powerful conversational agents
  • Facilitating transactions such as payments, bookings and recommendations
  • Assisting both customers and agents with specific support needs

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