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Industries We Serve

From large retailers to neighborhood credit unions, we’re privileged to work with leading organizations across a variety of industries. By combining the deep expertise of three brands, multiple technology partners, and proven, end-to-end CX design and orchestration capabilities, we’re confident we can help you deliver an exceptional customer experience regardless of the industry you’re in, or the type of customer you serve.


  • Improve patient engagement
  • Build a digital front door
  • Deliver empathetic and compassionate communication
  • Elevate patient experiences

Healthcare patients need empathy, compassion, and quality care. That means healthcare organizations need a holistic view of their patients, accessible data, and efficient tools so healthcare workers can focus on wellness. TTEC Digital’s integrated customer experience solutions have helped hundreds of healthcare organizations improve communication, provide virtual health options, and ultimately deliver empathetic, compassionate, and elevated patient experiences.


  • Differentiate your brand
  • Future-proof your organization
  • Become a digital-first business
  • Make data-driven decisions

Whether they’re shopping online or in the store, consumers want shopping to be easy, convenient, and hyper-personalized. Retailers need to differentiate their brand and meet high consumer expectations for blended virtual and live shopping. TTEC Digital helps retail brands all over the world create differentiated customer experiences with speed, quality, and consistency.

Financial Services

  • Provide digital banking options
  • Deliver personalized experiences
  • Ensure safe and reliable transactions
  • Build customer and member trust
Financial Services

Nothing is more important than your members or customers and they cherish safety, security, and reliability when it comes to their finances. Financial institutions must keep customers informed, empower them to self-serve, and build customer trust. TTEC Digital’s customer experience solutions and consultative approach help financial institutions provide digital banking options, personalized experiences, and safe transactions.

Public Sector

  • Respond to CX mandates and executive orders
  • Keep the public informed and supported
  • Deliver better citizen experiences
  • Become a digital-first public sector entity
Public Sector

Citizens deserve to be informed, supported, educated, and respected. Federal, state, and local governments are mandated to deliver digital-first citizen experiences and build citizen trust. TTEC Digital helps public sector organization deliver better citizen experiences and keep the public informed.

Additional Industry Experience

Higher Education
Food & Beverage
Software & Hardware Technology
Communications & Media
High Tech & Hyper-Growth
Travel & Hospitality

Ready to join the ranks of CX leaders in your industry?

TTEC Digital helps deliver frictionless experiences that drive loyalty, retention, and sales for your business, and unforgettable moments for your customers, no matter what industry you’re in.

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