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Delivering CX Excellence with Best-in-Class Technology Partners

Creating moments that matter throughout the entire customer journey wouldn’t be possible without our exceptional partners. Our deep partnerships, across three brands, empower you to select the best technology solutions for your unique business goals and challenges, and deliver CX excellence across the entire customer lifecycle.

  • Demystify & optimize customer data
  • Transform the digital experience
  • Humanize the service experience
  • Simplify & automate business operations

With over 200 certifications and decades of experience with Microsoft’s business applications, TTEC Digital is uniquely suited to facilitate the implementation and support of this product suite. As a Gold Certified and Managed Partner, we work closely with Microsoft's teams to build complete solutions for each one of our clients.

However, the work we do goes far beyond the implementation and support of Microsoft’s cloud-enabled business solutions. With our unrivaled CX expertise, technical know-how, and in-house data and AI capabilities, TTEC Digital elevates Microsoft’s world-class technologies to simplify business operations and humanize experiences across the entire omnichannel customer journey. ​

  • Modernize contact center operations
  • Improve interaction experiences & outcomes
  • Empower & enable agent success
  • Streamline customer data & channels

TTEC Digital partners with Genesys to design sophisticated cloud contact centers that offer long-lasting value to businesses, and their agents and customers. We build off Genesys’ top-ranked contact center capabilities with our own technologies and services to craft purpose-fit solutions that address the unique challenges and needs of each one of our clients; these include custom cloud migration/deployment roadmaps, cross-platform integrations, and 24/7 service for Genesys contact centers.

TTEC Digital’s 99+ CSAT rated contact center support and unrivaled consultation services ensures our ability to build customer and agent centric interaction experiences that result in swifter, more meaningful engagements across the entire interaction lifecycle.

  • Preserve operational flexibility
  • Elevate contact center security
  • Reduce contact center complexity
  • Optimize agent tools & processes

TTEC Digital combines Cisco's comprehensive, customizable, highly secure cloud contact center capabilities with our own operational dexterity and strategic experience to build a custom solution that meets the unique needs of even the largest and most complex businesses, especially those already using other Cisco contact center products today, including UCCE, Express, and HCS.

The partnership with Cisco offers our clients an opportunity to take a more individualized approach to their cloud contact center adoption and use, combining Cisco’s strong operational flexibility with TTEC Digital’s expertise and the dedicated support of our staff. Through our partnership, we offer a path to the cloud for even the most business-critical contact centers, making this a smooth, impactful transformation, beginning with and beyond implementation.

  • Become more agile & adaptive
  • Facilitate exceptional omnichannel CX
  • Amplify & simplify the agent experience
  • Automate & enhance data capabilities

TTEC Digital has deep expertise with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) toolkit, which includes globally recognized AI, automation, machine learning, and data analytics solutions. We have certifications with Lex, Polly, and other Amazon AI and ML automations, and are the most established and experienced partner for supporting and implementing Amazon Connect, AWS' omnichannel cloud contact center solution.

TTEC Digital brings these solutions to life with an expansive network of CX consultants, experts, and innovations beyond anything else in market. This unique combination of AWS toolkit prowess, contact center experience, and CX know-how empowers us to build energy and strength into the end-to-end interaction experience, making TTEC Digital the easy, most trustworthy choice for implementing and supporting AWS-powered contact centers.

  • Orchestrate optimized, blended channel experiences
  • Deliver conversations with intelligent conversational AI
  • Provide secure and innovative interactions
  • Get live analytics and intelligent automation

At TTEC Digital, our end-to-end CX capabilities combined with expertise in Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP), Contact Center AI (CCAI), and data analytics tech stack can help you create an unparalleled AI-powered, data-fueled contact center solution – enhancing how your customers and employees interact at every touchpoint.

Transform your contact center tools and operations into an experience delivery machine with Google platforms and TTEC Digital’s expertise for a personalized, consistent CX across your brand. As a launch partner for the CCAI Platform, TTEC digital helps organizations design and implement a modern digital, experience for both clients and employees in the smartphone era.

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