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Cloud Racers: The Path to Cloud Success

For contact centers of all shapes and sizes, the cloud offers endless potential. To reach this final destination and achieve competitive differentiation, you must successfully navigate through the four levels of cloud maturity. Are you ready to set out on your quest in our Cloud Racers ebook? Good luck! 🎮

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How to Use Generative AI to Make Your CX Feel More Human

"AI remains a reflection of us, trained by large language models to react in limited ways to specific situations using human knowledge that humans programmed." says our Director of Analytics and Insights, Aaron Schroeder.

Get the full Customer Service Manager magazine article below.

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Creating a Competitive Advantage by Investing in CX

To be successful in today’s economy, you’ve got to invest in CX. But where should you focus to realize tangible benefits? The conversation, of course! Customers crave conversations that truly exude empathy and anticipate their needs. Our fresh new flipbook covers the power of conversation in the CX journey and much more.

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Talk About Tangible: How Optimizing CX at the Point of Conversation Delivers Memorable (and Measurable) Results

It takes an incredible amount of design and orchestration before, during, and after a conversation between a customer and a brand to ensure that the customer feels known, heard and understood — in other words, for the interaction to be seamless.

For many clients, that desire for effective design and orchestration is where their conversation with us starts.


The DIY Guide to Improving Your Contact Center with AI

Our DIY guide to improving your contact center with AI, including how to fix pesky problems without a trip to the home improvement store, is a click away.

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What Contact Center Leaders Need to Know from Google Cloud Next ‘23

Google Cloud Next '23 brought together tech leaders from across the globe, and as a Google CCAI Platform and generative AI launch partner, TTEC Digital was thrilled to join the conversation. This year, the spotlight was firmly on generative artificial intelligence (AI), showcasing its disruptive potential in addressing challenges and transforming industries in increasingly creative ways.

Balancing Personalization with Privacy in the Age of AI blog

Balancing Personalization with Privacy in the Age of AI

Read more from Marcy Riordan, Head of Data Analytics and Insights, on the blog.

How Artificial Intelligence is Unlocking Innovation in the Workplace

How Artificial Intelligence is Unlocking Innovation in the Workplace

Read more from Karl Phenix, VP, Global Microsoft Strategy & GTM, on the blog.

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State of AI in the Contact Center Report 2023

The State of AI in the Contact Center survey captures how organizations are using AI in the contact center today – including their motivations for adopting AI, their current barriers to entry, and their timeline for becoming an AI-enabled CX operation.