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2023 State of Technology Industry Forum

While public sector agencies may not be competing for stock values or market share, they are vying for one very important commodity: trust.

Across government agencies and the public sector, trust remains one of the best and most reliable metrics for assessing improvement. Trust is slow to build and easy to lose but, over time, can be cultivated through thoughtful, consistent improvement to the citizen experience.

Right now, the expectations around what constitutes a good experience are at an all-time high. Citizens are comparing their public sector experiences to their last best experience — whether that was in healthcare, retail, or hospitality — and subconsciously taking these newly raised expectations into every future interaction.

This is where TTEC Digital can help.

TTEC Digital is a global leader in experience orchestration – whether that experience is customer, employee, or citizen. With decades of experience innovating the world’s leading contact center technology platforms and in-house expertise in CX strategy, analytics, and AI, we can help you combine technology and empathy at the point of conversation.

TTEC Digital delivers an unmatched skillset for organizations looking to forge deeper relationships, so that public sector agencies can measure citizen experiences alongside their outcomes and impact. Whether your goal is to lower wait times, decrease costs, increase satisfaction, or understand where you are on your experience transformation journey, TTEC Digital can help you maximize your technology investments to drive better outcomes and create truly exceptional experiences.
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Kelley Jacob
Meet our Experts

Kelley Jacob, Vice President of Public Sector Sales at TTEC Digital

In his role, Kelley has focused on developing successful customer experience programs for state, local, and county government agencies. He specializes in multi-cloud architecture and cloud migration — including the unique challenges associated with ground to cloud migrations that involve FedRAMP, StateRAMP, and TexRAMP compliance requirements — as well as incorporating cutting-edge tools like AI and bots into public sector CX strategy.

Our Public Sector Expertise

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Whether you need help migrating to the cloud or creating a journey map to understand your citizen experience, TTEC Digital can help.

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