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Artificial Intelligence

Our AI solutions power cognitive insights and deploy cognitive engagement to create customer-worthy experiences.

Integrate Proven AI Use Cases into Your Customer Experience

Along with our technology partners, TTEC Digital has pioneered AI solutions in the contact center for more than a decade. That means we’re ready to help you solve the tough questions – because we’ve solved them before. If AI is on your list, our team of CX experts can help you assess your AI roadmap, design an AI strategy, and deploy the right AI toolset to enhance your contact center’s productivity.

Real-World Opportunities to Enhance CX with AI

Knowledge Management

Empower agents to intuitively search the knowledge base by asking natural language questions and receiving synthesized answers built from key data sources.

Virtual Agents

Deliver a variety of convenient self-service customer capabilities, including routing customers to agents, through a conversational chat or voice interface.

AI Reporting and Analytics

Extract insights from contact center interactions to generate powerful dashboards and prescriptive guidance, without the need for data engineering.

Intelligent Routing

Stand-up voice and chat routing processes designed to predict likely customer topics and intended actions, and then route the customer to the right agent for that situation.

Conversation Transcription

Leverage AI-trained speech recognition and speech-to-text capabilities to instantly and accurately transcribe conversations across channels.

Conversation Summarization

Generate accurate, automated conversation summarizations that eliminate the need for time-consuming post-call agent workflows.

Recommendation Engine

Deploy machine learning models to improve the customer experience by assisting agents with real-time predictive recommendations.

Not sure where to begin your AI journey?

Take our AI readiness assessment to clarify your contact center goals and understand where your organization stands in its AI and CX maturity.

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Built on Powerful AI Building Blocks

Our AI strategists and implementation experts will deploy the right set of AI tools to enhance outcomes across your contact center operation.

  • Large Language Models
  • Generative Interface
  • Algorithm Tuning and Deployment
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • Data Augmentation
  • Search Service
  • Speech-to-Text Models 
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Informed by Proven AI Strategies

Working side-by-side with your IT team, our CX experts will help identify, prioritize, and design a comprehensive AI roadmap that considers your business goals and maximizes investment value.

  • Project-based Consultation
  • AI Strategy Retainer
  • AI Managed Services 

Powered by Award-winning Technology Partnerships

Deep CX expertise and decades of platform knowledge enable us to drive AI innovation on all the major platforms and build cohesive contact center ecosystems.

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Enhance Your Customer Experience with AI

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