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IP solutions

Accelerate your time to value with proven solutions custom-built for the leading contact center platforms.

Harness the full power of your technology ecosystem

Built on the legacy expertise of Avtex, Serendebyte, Voicefoundry, Aria, and others, our comprehensive portfolio of IP solutions is designed to help you effortlessly deploy new features and customer experience capabilities into your contact center environment.

Our portfolio

Cloud application

WFM adapters

Reduce operating expenses and drive better experiences by leveraging the power of your existing workforce management systems in the cloud.

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Agent desktops

Give your contact center agents the tools they need to provide exceptional customer experience with a unified view of interactions.

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Analytics solutions

Transform data into comprehensive reporting to increase contact center data visibility and optimize business performance.

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Contact center operations solutions

Maximize your customer experience by providing employees with the tools and insights they need to learn, grow, and support your customers.

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AI and ML enhancements

Build efficient agent workflows with Artificial Intelligence- and Machine Learning-enhanced tools that offer self-service flexibility and assist agent engagements.

Unlock the potential of your CX strategy with TTEC Digital IP solutions

Visit our comprehensive IP solution library to discover how our innovative solutions can drive growth for your business.

Explore the IP Library

Solutions for all the leading platforms

Our deep technology partnerships enable the selection of the best technology solutions for your unique business goals. And our library of IP solutions builds on the strengths of each of these best-in-class partnerships to help you deliver operational and experiential excellence.

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Analytics, agent desktops, contact center operations, and AI and ML solutions, including:

  • InteractionSync for Amazon Connect
  • Operations Management Portal for Amazon Connect
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Contact center operations and AI and ML solutions, including:

  • Humanify® Portal
  • CallBack
  • Digital Worker Factory
Genesys 1100x700 x2


WFM adapters, analytics, agent desktops, contact center operations, and AI and ML solutions, including:

  • WFM Adapter for Genesys Cloud
  • Insights for Genesys Cloud
  • Interaction Sync for Genesys Cloud
  • OneView
  • SmartApps Cloud
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WFM adapters, analytics, and AI and ML solutions, including:

  • Optics for Google CCAI 
Microsoft 1100x700 x2


WFM adapters, agent desktops, and AI and ML solutions, including:

  • Digital Contact Center Platform/Customer Service Workspace
  • InteractionSync for Genesys Cloud
  • InteractionSync for Amazon Connect
  • Digital Worker Factory

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Leverage the latest TTEC Digital IP solutions to drive growth and improve efficiency.