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911 AutoDirect Service

Faster service, faster answers, and up to 25% burden reduction on 911 operators.
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Emergency call centers are overwhelmed.

Unprecedented staffing shortages and overwhelming call volumes are leading to longer and longer wait times. Complicating this, more than 60% of the 240 million calls made to 911 do not qualify as emergencies but 911 call center agents must still answer, listen, and triage every call in order to route them correctly. This results in overwhelmed operators, diverted resources, and citizens waiting an average of 3 minutes on hold for help.


According to the FCC, emergency the average 911 call center only meet emergency call answer standards 58% of the time.

Revolutionize service levels with effortless triage.

The 911 AutoDirect Service is designed to help. By using advanced natural language processing to fully automate the handling of non-emergency calls, this innovative and powerful AI assistant reduces the burden on human operators up to 25%.

Emergency mangement v2

Prioritize emergency management

By automating non-emergency calls, you can free up your human operators to focus and spend resources on the most urgent, life-threatening calls.

Improve experience

Improve citizen experience

Citizens receive instant responses to their issues or questions in quick and intuitive interactions, without the frustrations of long wait times or complex menu systems.

Deliver value

Deliver value

By automating non-emergency calls, this solution can save human resources and infrastructure, leading to significant cost savings and delivering value well into the future.

Scale future

Scale for the future

Built on cloud-based platforms, this solution can easily scale to handle increasing call volumes and is designed to be compatible with upcoming technologies like Next Generation 911.

How it works

  1. An operator answers a 911 call and assesses if the call is an emergency. If the call does not require emergency dispatch, the operator offers the caller the help of the non-emergency bot. The bot greets the caller and explains that it is an automated assistant created to handle non-emergency questions and requests.

  2. The AWS 911 Non-Emergency Virtual Citizen Assistant helps the caller find the information they need. This can include transferring the call to a different department, texting the caller a link to resources, providing documents, scheduling an appointment, collecting feedback, or providing information on events, emergency procedures, contact information, project status updates, and much more.

  3. The bot ensures that the caller has all information they need before ending the call and sends a transcript of the call to the 911 center’s records system.

At any point during the call, the caller can opt to return to a live 911 agent. If the situation escalates or if the operator who answered has concerns about the call, the bot can immediately conference in the original 911 operator for triage.

Integrated Processess and Systems Icon

Easy implementation

Our automated bot generation from a single configuration file makes the setup process straightforward, reducing implementation time and costs and making it incredibly flexible and easy to update or modify.

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Seamless integrations

Seamlessly integrated with Amazon Connect for easy contact center setup and management, this bot is designed to make API calls to existing 911 support systems, ensuring real-time data logging and efficient resource allocation.

Icon Security Settings

Secure and compliant

Our bot complies with all necessary data protection and privacy regulations, ensuring that sensitive information is handled securely.

Data Analytics Package

Real-time analytics and insight

Automated logging and real-time analytics provide insights into call volumes, handling times, and other key performance indicators, enabling data-informed decisions and continuous improvement.

Omnichannel Experiences Icon

Omnichannel support

In addition to voice calls powered by the superior natural language processing capabilities of Amazon Lex, the bot can answer questions via SMS, email, and web chat, for intuitive assistance on any channel.

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