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Conversation Intelligence

Glean powerful insights from customer conversations to identify and solve underlying business challenges for customers, employees and operations.

Learn from every conversation to drive meaningful CX transformation

Using generative AI to analyze customer conversations across channels, TTEC Digital's Conversation Intelligence solution extracts deep customer insights your organization can use to address pain points like customer frustration, employee churn, and operational inefficiencies.

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80% of businesses lose customers due to poor customer service — often stemming from a misunderstanding of customer expectations.

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Burnout from high call volume and lackluster agent enablement tactics directly contribute to poor performance and employee churn.

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Lack of visibility to the causes of customer friction creates a guessing game for agents and product teams, leading to inefficient resource allocation.

Powerful results for our clients

15-point increase in NPS

One automotive manufacturer turned its conversation data into a proactive look at the specific service issues affecting dealers. By creating digital deflection strategies aimed at solving these issues quickly, the company saved nearly $7M and strengthened customer satisfaction.

How conversation intelligence works

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Step 1: Data onboarding

  • Identify and harmonize all sources of conversation data into a data model that will serve as the foundation for all conversation intelligence insights.
  • Deploy generative AI to apply algorithms for topic modeling, entity extraction, sentiment analysis, complexity, and emerging topics. 
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Step 2: Data visualization

  • Create intuitive dashboards that visualize the metadata and empower users to explore topics, trends, and sources of customer friction at a granular level. 
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Step 3: Data activation

  • Define a plan for measurable improvement across the most critical areas of your business:
    • Identify operational and product issues
    • Integrate product feedback and improvements
    • Monitor agent performance and training
    • Enable business-level decision making
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Step 4: Closed-loop measurement

  • Optimize performance using an ongoing closed-loop measurement process to assess program efficacy.

Three ways to get started

Depending on your organization’s AI readiness and customer support complexity, you can choose from three types of conversation intelligence programs to help you maximize your investment.

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