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Data Analytics for Amazon Connect

Implement a proven roadmap for data lake hydration and analytics that speeds time-to-value and insight quality.

Connect your data ecosystem to powerful insights

When it comes to building a strategy around data analytics, organizations tend to have two options: move quickly using standardized, built-in tools, or build a custom solution with a longer lead time. Neither is ideal.

TTEC Digital’s Data Analytics for Amazon Connect empowers customer service operations to capture the speed of a ready-made analytics package and the customization of a fully personalized solution to capitalize on a full spectrum of data sources and use cases.

Track and improve key contact center outcomes

Tap into data engineering, data science, and data visualization resources to build custom customer data analytics dashboards that create a strong foundation for contact center analytics.

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Agent performance

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Agent online status

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Agent activity audit

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Historical agent metrics

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Lex & Lambda performance

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Customer sentiment insights

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Agent behavior anomaly detection

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Queue stats by agent & contact

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Post-call survey results

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Phone number activity

Key features

The data layer

TTEC Digital's team of data scientists and engineers leverages key data sources such as Amazon Connect and Lex to extract, transform, and load data, delivering actionable insights for your future analytics.

The analytics layer

Drawing from this optimized data lake, TTEC Digital’s team will design intuitive dashboards in Amazon Quicksight that provide agents, supervisors, and leadership with access to a full suite of contact center metrics.

Why TTEC Digital

With over 40 years of experience as an industry leader and partnerships that span the world’s top technology providers, TTEC Digital is uniquely suited to address your toughest customer experience challenges. Our experts will provide actionable insights and recommendations at every step while our proven methodology will help you optimize your contact center operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business success.

Get all your contact center insights in one place.