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Insights for Genesys Cloud

Insights for Genesys Cloud by TTEC Digital extracts, transforms, and stores data from Genesys Cloud into a user-friendly database so you can focus on analyzing data, instead of gathering it.

Deliver actionable insights to your entire organization

Insights for Genesys Cloud enables contact centers and other departments to optimize business performance by using their business intelligence (BI) and reporting solutions to easily analyze Genesys Cloud data.

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Reduce time and effort

Insights for Genesys Cloud provides fast time to value, minimizes agent onboarding and training time, and provides infrastructure support so you can get up and running quickly.

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Increase contact center data visibility

Easily create your own reports or dashboards to improve overall contact center performance and give stakeholders visibility into the data.

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Drive Key Metrics

Improve overall performance, reduce operating costs, and increase agent and customer satisfaction with powerful insights.

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Key Features

Compatible with Modern BI Tools: Bring-your-own-BI approach allows you to access data and leverage all the BI tool’s features.

Simplify Data Management: Streamline synchronization, processing, and storage of Genesys Cloud operations data.

Direct Data Access: Write queries and create reports directly against the database.

Flexible Data Synchronization: Create configurable data synchronization one time or four times per day.

Integrate with Other Apps: Integrate data and reports with other departmental or enterprise applications.

Out-of-the-box Dashboards: Pre-built reports and dashboards provide the ability to create new reports on top of templates. 

Why TTEC Digital

With over 40 years of experience as an industry leader and partnerships that span the world’s top technology providers, TTEC Digital is uniquely suited to address your toughest customer experience challenges. Our experts will provide actionable insights and recommendations at every step while our proven methodology will help you optimize your contact center operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business success.

Tap into more robust reporting from Genesys Cloud

Insights for Genesys Cloud from TTEC Digital offers dynamic and user-friendly data views, empowering you to improve contact center efficiency.