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OneView by TTEC Digital provides contact center agents with a unified view of Genesys Cloud interactions within Salesforce, fueling exceptional customer experiences consistently with speed and quality.
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Contact center power meets CRM strength

OneView improves the agent experience so they can improve the customer experience. With the right tools, resources, and information, OneView empowers agents to deliver rich experiences to your customers.

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Increase service speed

Save agents’ time through faster application navigation that results in reduced keystrokes and mouse movements.

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Increase interaction quality

Utilize more efficient process guidance to reduce distractions and allow agents to focus fully on the experience of your customers.

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Accelerate agent onboarding

Reduce time spent on learning interfaces and business processes with a unified interface that looks and feels like Salesforce.

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Optimize agent performance

Create detailed reports and dashboards for better management insights and simplify training with embedded workflows.

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Improve agent satisfaction

Optimize your contact center workforce with a simplified tool interface that allows agents to help clients without switching pages.

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Enhance experiences

Automate routine contact center processes so agents can spend less time finding answers and more time providing them.

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Key features

Embedded interaction controls: All interaction controls are embedded in Salesforce views so you can eliminate windows.

Populates and creates Salesforce objects: Automatically uses data from calls to populate a customer’s account or create a new one.

Integrates with Salesforce process automation: This integration allows you to design Salesforce processes that include Genesys Cloud interactions.

Supports Salesforce digital channels: Salesforce digital channels like chat, cases, and social media can be used with Genesys Voice.

Interaction data for use in Salesforce or Genesys Cloud: Comprehensive data is available to create new reports and dashboards with Genesys Cloud or Salesforce or can even blend with existing ones.

Workflows and automation designed in Salesforce flow: Take advantage of software that Salesforce developers and administrators are already familiar with.

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Empower your contact center agents with a unified desktop experience

Every time a customer calls your organization they have burning, often time-sensitive questions or problems they need your help with. Are your frontline agents able to field these requests and empowered to respond to customers efficiently and effectively? Let’s talk about how a unified agent desktop experience can help you achieve just that.

Why TTEC Digital

With over 40 years of experience as an industry leader and partnerships that span the world’s top technology providers, TTEC Digital is uniquely suited to address your toughest customer experience challenges. Our experts will provide actionable insights and recommendations at every step while our proven methodology will help you optimize your contact center operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business success.

Accelerate time-to-value with TTEC Digital

TTEC Digital has the expertise to help you accelerate time-to-value with integrations that quickly, easily, and affordably increase your contact center efficiency.