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Optics for Google CCAI Platform

Deepen contact center data visibility and empower your teams to make more informed decisions with Optics for Google CCAI Platform.

Deliver data that matters

Optics for the Google Contact Center AI (CCAI) Platform allows our clients to focus on analyzing their data and performance by taking the complexity out of how to sync, process, and store their data.

Real time adherence

Boost productivity and sales

Enhanced data means increased usability and accessibility, which can be used to boost productivity and sales.

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Maximize value and support

Effortlessly customize or extend our templates and Looker models to meet your unique business needs.

Analyze Icon

Increase data usability

Create customized reports and dashboards that increase stakeholder visibility and help improve contact center performance.

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Drive key metrics

Improve performance, lower operating costs, and increase agent and customer satisfaction with powerful insights.

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Utilize existing investments

Integrate technology seamlessly with BigQuery, Looker, or another business intelligence (BI) solution.

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Key features

Bring-your-own-BI approach: Leverage pre-built Looker templates in your own environment.

Put yourself in control: Configure how often your data is synced based on your business needs — every 15 minutes, hourly, or daily, it’s up to you.

Break down silos: Direct access to your CCAI Platform data in BigQuery offers the ability to integrate this data with other analytics assets.

Why TTEC Digital

With over 40 years of experience as an industry leader and partnerships that span the world’s top technology providers, TTEC Digital is uniquely suited to address your toughest customer experience challenges. Our experts will provide actionable insights and recommendations at every step while our proven methodology will help you optimize your contact center operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business success.

Ready for optimized data visibility?

Speed up time-to-value, identify trends, and take action with Optics for Google CCAI Platform.