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Realize the benefits of generative AI with an LLM configured to your unique business needs.

Harness the power of your own LLM

PrecisionLM from TTEC Digital finetunes existing large language models (LLMs) and tailors them to your industry, your unique terms, use cases, and more. It’s powerful and secure, with fast implementation at an affordable price.

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We finetune our system to your use case and continuously optimize the model, so you can trust that its answers are accurate and appropriate.

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Because this system is trained on your industry- and business-specific knowledge and contexts, the outputs it delivers are applicable to your business.

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The system is structured securely to keep your data in your domain and tenant, so there is no data leakage, or data sharing.

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Our expertise and proven implementation patterns mean faster time to deployment, and better value from day one.

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Far less expensive than building an LLM from the ground up, our LLM deployment is tied to a proven ROI and includes cost optimization and controls to mitigate cost sprawl.

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Key outcomes


With the PrecisionLM from TTEC Digital, you can optimize your operations with the power of AI.

Higher productivity: Complete tasks faster with automation, information retrieval, and content creation.

Uniform consistency: Maintain uniform knowledge and standardization across answers, tasks, and outputs.

Increased personalization: Provide contextually relevant information to all users with outputs that require less prompt engineering.

Improved collaboration: Foster a better ability to correlate ideas between departments and teams with a centralized knowledge source.

Faster time to value: Realize value from day one with an LLM customized to your needs and continuously maintained to keep it accurate and optimized.

Sample use cases

While the applications for the PrecisionLM are open ended, here is a sampling of some of the most popular use cases.

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Enterprise search

  • Enable enterprise-wide knowledge search
  • Segment search capabilities by security role
  • Receive conversational answers
  • Draw from multiple sources to provide a more complete answer
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Product categorization assist

  • More easily classify and organize products, inventories, and more in dynamic ways
  • Eliminate manual product catalog maintenance
  • Generate new product insights
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Travel itinerary generator

Create highly personalized itineraries for customers, based on their history, personal details, and other relevant information

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RFP assist & document autocompletion

More seamlessly complete applications, enrollments and other documents

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FinServ document summarization & extraction

Summarize and extract key content from long documents or financial reports

Emergency mangement v2

Policy review assist

Easily distill information from regulatory and compliance questionnaires and security procedures

Put generative AI to work for you

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