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Roll the Tape Video Series: 4 Contact Center Coaching Strategies for Continuous Improvement

Improving agent performance in the contact center depends on two things:

  • The right tools to identify problems, account for trends, and practice engagements
  • The right coaching strategies to empower agents and maximize the learning process

While the tools tend to get all the attention, using them effectively to build good habits is just as important. Sign up for this 4-part video series to learn how high-performing contact centers are adopting coaching strategies that maximize these new tools.

Meet our coaching expert

Andreas Wieman is the global vice president of CX Strategy and Delivery at TTEC Digital. For more than 20 years, he has helped lead strong operational and support teams for several Fortune 500 clients. His approach to associate coaching and development focuses on humanizing every interaction — from customer-to-agent, agent-to-manager, and everyone in between.


Increase in first call resolution after just one month of targeted training on low performing agent groups.

Explore the Topics

Topic #1: Prioritize Performance Outliers — Not Goals

It’s important to set goals for your agents, but how do you make sure the goals you are setting are grounded in realistic outcomes?

Topic #2: Cognitive Behavioral Coaching as a Tool to Boost Agent Confidence

Learn how to identify the root causes of poor performance and how to support agents to create a positive learning environment.

Topic #3: Reinforce Positive Performances to Build Good Habits

Improvement requires tactical training, but it also requires intentional recognition when agents are getting it right.

Topic #4: Build in Enough Time to See Good Habits Form

Research shows it takes 66 days to build a new habit that sticks. How do you create coaching routines that deliver continuous improvement?

4 Can’t-Miss Coaching Techniques Straight to Your Inbox

If agent coaching and retention are consistent challenges in your contact center, you aren’t alone. We’ve helped hundreds of clients build positive, productive feedback loops. Sign up to receive the four-part agent coaching video series.

See How Call Coach Brings Real-life Interactions to Agent Training

Capture audio and screen recordings to generate better insights into agent performance and elevate service across all customer interactions.

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