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Electronics retailer elevates customer and employee experience with contact center modernization

The Challenge

Before opening their first store, the family behind a growing electronics and appliance chain were driven by a dream of setting the standard for customer satisfaction and community giving. This human-centric approach guides their growth and evolution as they continually seek to meet ever-changing consumer and civic needs.

To keep up with those changing needs, the electronics retailer needed to address their own technological needs. Their aging, contact center technology lacked integration with their back-end systems, including their CRM — leaving data siloed and potential insights untouched. Self-service options were limited, meaning customer service agents were spending valuable time in low-value, repetitive conversations to field questions most customers would rather find answers to themselves, unaided. And lastly, the rigidity of the dated technology meant agents were confined to working in company offices to access necessary resources and systems, which also restricted the company’s potential employee pool to local geographies.

The Solution

The retailer partnered with TTEC Digital to deploy an Amazon Connect cloud contact center and deploy an AI conversational chatbot on their website. If needed, the chatbot passes the chat to a live agent using Amazon Connect. The solutions cover voice and chat interactions and are integrated with the company’s existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The Results

With its new Amazon Connect cloud contact center for voice and chat channels, the electronics retailer optimizes both the agent and customer experience. The addition of the self-service conversational chatbot means they can service most customers 24/7, without the need for agent assistance. The tight integration between the new systems and their Microsoft Dynamics CRM creates detailed contact and interaction records. Agents can refer to those records to provide personalized customer experiences, and supervisors can build from them when creating customized agent training courses. The cloud solution also offers greater staffing flexibility, with agents able to work from anywhere, and scalable scheduling, so more agents are available during peak shopping seasons when customers need them most.

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