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In conversation: Turnkey deployments unlock CX modernization

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Turnkey deployments can be an essential part of tackling contact center challenges in an ever-changing world. Modernizing CX as a whole is typically far more successful than a lift-and-shift approach, where only the technology is updated without taking into account the overall design of the CX.

In this Q&A style blog, Cliff Wiser, Vice President, Solution Architecture at TTEC Digital, answers frequently asked questions about what it means to modernize CX through turnkey deployments.

Q: First of all, what are turnkey deployments?

At TTEC Digital, our turnkey deployments include all the benefits and flexibility of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Microsoft, Genesys, or Cisco in your contact center without the need to hire for or develop the skills needed to build it yourself. You can simply specify the agent and customer experience you need, and we’ll figure out the technology stack, components, and operational practices to make it a reality based on whether you need contact center consulting, help with migration to the cloud, or managed services.”

Turnkey Deployment Categories

  • Contact Center Consulting: TTEC Digital’s contact center consultants will work with you to assess your business requirements and expectations, analyze customer and agent interactions to better understand your business, uncover areas of opportunity and provide recommendations for applications and services that will optimize your contact center and deliver the results you’re looking for.
  • Migration to the Cloud: The first step in moving your contact center to the cloud is developing a proven migration path and strategy. Our migration practice includes technology assessments, application design, proof of concepts, migration planning, and implementation.
  • Managed Services: Our managed services are tailored to clients' needs. Each offering is designed to support an existing team or functional group that currently provides support for contact center infrastructure. Our delivery practices ensure the best development, implementation, and ongoing support for your contact center solutions and are managed and supported for the long term.

Q: How do turnkey deployments maximize the potential of the contact center tech stack?

A: With turnkey deployments, we really engage with business leadership to drive outcomes and experiences that are pushing the solution forward. We begin with value-based outcomes and work backward to tailor solutions and offerings to meet those needs. A lot of other tech stacks and consultants do this the other way around by saying, ‘Here’s what we have, let’s fit this to your needs.’ This doesn’t put the customer first, but we do. If we don’t have something that meets your needs, we will go out of our way to create a unique solution to best fit your requirements.

Q: How is what TTEC Digital offers different from what other consultants/partners offer?

A: TTEC Digital has the deepest technical bench of contact center platform professionals on the planet. For example, with AWS, our heritage as the first Amazon Connect partner informs our thinking and accelerates the success of our engagements through a mature set of best practices. We have similar expertise with other major platforms from Google, Microsoft, Genesys, and Cisco. When you combine that with the fact that we are part of a 50,000-employee, laser-focused CX organization, it translates into a truly unique offering for our clients.

Q: What challenges are businesses facing that this service solves?

A: The first one is technical competence and know-how. It can be complicated to retool your tech stack and staff onto a new platform, so our delivery and managed services do this for you. We can push the fast forward button to quickly reimagine your CX much faster than if you were to tackle it yourself. Another challenge is the organizational change component that comes with the reimagined experience, and so we have deep and rich consulting expertise to help you with organizational change management around how you now organize around a new customer and new agent experience. We’ve made measuring those successes an art form. We can help your organization embrace next-generation metrics that give you good telemetry on how you’re servicing your customers and how your agents are performing for a holistic approach.

Q: Since your background is in AWS, what are some important elements of AWS and Amazon Connect solutions that an organization could take advantage of?

A: First, we’re observing the Amazon pricing model to be very disruptive in this space; paying for usage as opposed to paying for capacity can translate into significant cost savings. Secondly, we’re helping a lot of customers find success with cognitive automation. Improvements in natural language platforms like Amazon Lex are enabling the automation of high-volume, low-value tasks that were previously difficult to automate. Finally, we’re observing a universal shift towards conversational analytics, which is enabling our clients to gain meaningful insights from the conversations within their customer care organization. Contact center data used to be performance-based, but the ability to surface trends, topics, sentiments, and patterns enables this data to inform our clients with true business intelligence. As better insights inform better automation, this becomes a virtuous cycle that yields an ever-increasing CX offering.

Q: What do organizations need to do to unlock the full benefits and flexibility of their contact center tech stack?

A: There isn’t a universal, one-solution answer for this. It depends on each organization’s unique needs, how they want to improve the agent and customer experience, and their current-and future-state goals.

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