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Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center

Coinciding with Customer Contact Week, Microsoft recently announced the launch of Dynamics 365 Contact Center, a new Copilot-first cloud contact center platform. As a launch partner for the new platform, I want to take this opportunity to share more about the importance of this development and explain what it will mean for our clients. 

What is Dynamics 365 Contact Center?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center is a standalone contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution that delivers generative AI to every customer engagement channel and seamlessly integrates with leading customer relationship managements systems (CRMs) and custom apps. Generally available July 1, 2024, Dynamics 365 Contact Center will roll out in over 240 countries and regions, with support for up to 30 different languages.

What stands out about Dynamics 365 Contact Center? 

The fact that Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Contact Center is “Copilot-first” is extremely important as the generative AI benefits that Copilot brings to customer experience (CX) will be massively impactful. 

In November, 2023, Microsoft introduced Copilot for Service and TTEC Digital was one of the first partners to start implementing this innovation with our clients. We’ve seen firsthand the power of Copilot to synthesize millions of data points into easy and actionable guidance for contact center agents. For example, by leveraging Copilot, TTEC Digital has helped agents by providing:

  • Naturally conversational, channel-independent answers to agent questions
  • Powerful search paired with responses drafted by generative AI
  • Personalized, contextual email drafts in seconds

With Copilot we’ve seen average handle times (AHT) go down to help save organizations millions of dollars and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) improve dramatically – all while reducing IT costs. For these reasons and many more, we’re thrilled that Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365 Contact Center is “Copilot-first.” 

What does Microsoft’s announcement mean for our clients? 

By harnessing Copilot and other innovations, Microsoft’s CCaaS solution will further improve both self-service and human-assisted service while increasing operational efficiencies. My colleague, Steve Jones, VP at TTEC Digital, summed up client benefits well in a recent LinkedIn post. According to Steve . . . 

“This groundbreaking solution promises to revolutionize customer service experiences by: 

  • Empowering Agents: With real-time Copilot assistance, agents can resolve issues faster, handle complex queries seamlessly, and provide exceptional personalized service.
  • Driving Automation: Copilot enables automation of routine tasks, streamlining workflows and boosting agent productivity.
  • Enhancing Intelligence: Leveraging AI and machine learning, Dynamics 365 Contact Center delivers data-driven insights to optimize operations continually.
  • Ensuring Security: Built on Microsoft's trusted cloud platform, it offers robust security and compliance capabilities.”

Our takeaway

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Contact Center represents a significant milestone in the broader AI-enabled customer experience landscape. At TTEC Digital, we recognize the transformative potential of AI in driving personalized customer experiences. This development aligns perfectly with our mission to provide cutting-edge contact center solutions that leverage generative AI to deliver exceptional customer experiences at the point of conversation. We look forward to harnessing this new offering to drive innovation and growth for our clients.

If you’re at CCW, stop by booth 157 to learn more about how TTEC Digital can help you optimize your CX. Or connect with us here


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