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Partner perspectives: How Google CCAI fuses AI, cloud, and the contact center for exciting new use cases

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The speed of innovation in the AI market is continuing to accelerate drastically, and every process in the contact center – whether it’s agent training or routing — can be transformed using AI. That’s one of the reasons that Google felt it was the right time to bring a CCaaS layer to market: providing a mobile -first, AI-first, and cloud-first CCaaS platform for customers seeking to unify all aspects of their contact center in an end-to-end platform that includes all the routing and telephony capabilities.

“TTEC Digital has deep experience across all things contact center. They can take on-prem applications or on-prem contact centers and transform them in the cloud. So, I think that experience, that expertise – whether it’s telephony and networking, or AI back-end integrations – I’m appreciative of the skill and knowledge they bring to our customers.”
Amit Kumar, Sr. Product Manager for Google CCAI Platform

AI-first, cloud-first, consumer-first CCaaS

As Amit Kumar, Sr. Product Manager for Google CCAI Platform, puts it, this goes beyond expanding a CCaaS product or workforce management product. “I’m excited to see a lot of the innovations around generative AI transforming business processes,” Kumar said. “Six years ago, Google pioneered the CCAI industry by bringing artificial intelligence into the contact center. I really feel like we are at the same inflection point now: we’re bringing cloud, AI, and this entire platform together, with this user-first approach — this puts us in a unique position to transform the industry once again.”

As new generative AI capabilities arrive on the market, Kumar says that the end-to-end CCAI platform makes it possible to make these innovations available directly to customers on day one. Here are a few of the innovations he sees ahead.

7 ways AI in the contact center will change the customer experience

Kumar predicts that new AI innovations in the contact center will:

  1. Provide information quickly
    Consumers reaching out to a brand don’t want to wait for that information in different channels and IVR queues. Providing a 24/7 voice bot or chatbot -- such as the Generative AI Agent for Google Cloud – can help businesses meet consumers where they are and deliver information as fast as possible, changing the contact center experience.
  2. Tap into existing device capabilities
    New technology can interact with existing device capabilities, allowing customers to authenticate using their phone’s face ID, or exchange photos and videos with agents to help explain their issues faster.
  3. Give agents the right tools
    Not all AI tools are customer-facing. It’s important to make sure human agents have the right tools and technology to provide customers with accurate and consistent responses. Agent Assist for Google Cloud provides transcription and summarization tools, as well as automatic responses and smart replies, to enable agents do their jobs better and faster.
  4. Personalize and contextualize training
    In addition to helping in the moment, generative AI can be used to create personalized curriculum for agent in trainings. If you have multiple agents in the same role, but one agent is out performing in one area, technologies like Agent Scoring can identify those gaps and automatically create personalized and contextual training for the other agents.
  5. Proactive customer care
    AI and emerging technologies can really help bring customer journeys together. One specific way is in proactive customer care, or anticipating why a customer might reach out and then proactively reaching out to them before they run into specific issues.
  6. Remove language barriers
    Another AI innovation is removing language barriers from the contact center by using translation API to translate conversations in real-time. These tools make it possible to run translation instantaneously to allow for fluent conversation across multiple languages.
  7. Provide a channel-less experience
    Google was one of the first to pioneer speech, voice, and natural language processing technologies as part of our CCAI offering. Over the years, they’ve made significant investments and improvements in these technologies – including providing customer care with voice bots and chatbots to customers in the channel of their choice, without forcing them into different channels.

TTEC Digital’s Value as a Google Partner

Kumar says that working with the right partner to transform business processes has made all the difference. “We’ve been working with TTEC Digital for many years, and I personally have engaged with TTEC Digital for a number of these customer opportunities. I really love how customer focused TTEC Digital is, and how approachable the senior leadership is. We’re able to bring all these teams and stakeholders together to really help customers drive these innovations.”

He describes one key project, a multinational deployment for a large security company with employees scattered around the world. TTEC Digital was able to bring 25% of the agents online within three months in a complex environment. “TTEC Digital has been instrumental in bridging the complexity of different business processes, product units, regional deployments, and language barriers – all the unique challenges,” Kumar said. I was really pleased to see how TTEC Digital was engaged from the very beginning of the process, and how we were able to make such great progress in such a challenging, complex environment.”

“I’m excited that in TTEC Digital, we have a partner who understands how these innovations can help in complex existing environments,” Kumar said. “Bridging the technological innovation into customer value and understanding how customers can benefit: that is the value of partnering with TTEC Digital.”

New AI innovations are exciting —

— But that’s no reason to jump in alone. Team up with an experienced partner to design and orchestrate your best customer experience.

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