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These boots were made for a new customer engagement platform

The Challenge

As this iconic Australian clothing and footwear retailer grew, so did their need to unify operations. Some priorities the retailer wanted to address included: managing their sales, tracking orders, and automating records of customer service and finance functions in their CRM — along with recording customer interactions globally. While their rapid expansion was exciting, their data residing across disparate systems meant that the growth was beginning to cause issues.

The Solution

The clothing and footwear retailer wanted a partner who could walk a mile in their shoes, and orchestrate solutions for the issues plaguing their otherwise booming business. They chose TTEC Digital to orchestrate the solution for our breadth of technology expertise — and selected Salesforce and their Service Cloud Voice solution, powered by Amazon Connect contact center.

The Results

TTEC Digital helped the retailer deploy Salesforce and their Service Cloud Voice, powered by Amazon Connect contact center. This was rolled into a larger Salesforce CRM rollout happening across the company.

Now the retailer has a cutting-edge customer engagement tech stack that combines contact center and CRM technology in a single, unified desktop. This connected data is now allowing the retailer to build a hyper-personalized customer experience to its buyers — pulling in relevant data to every engagement across the buying cycle.

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