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Virtual call center streamlines public assistance for Alaskans

Call center agent wears a headset to talk to customer on phone while referencing computer screen.

For years, the Alaska Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS) has served citizens through phone and in-person appointments. After the pandemic made this slow and cumbersome process unsustainable, DHSS consulted Avtex and Genesys to transform its service experience through the creation of a modern, full-service virtual contact center.

“There is no longer a need to wait in a crowded lobby or even wait on the phone. The [virtual call center] offers the opportunity for a callback without losing their place in queue. I'm excited that the [agency's Division of Public Assistance] is now able to offer this tool which will help us to achieve the best possible outcome for each Alaskan who is in need of assistance.”
Shawnda O'Brien, Director of DHSS Division of Public Assistance