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Agero drives reliable customer experience with TTEC Digital and AWS

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The challenge

As an emergency assistance provider, Agero needed a reliable and resilient call center infrastructure: any outage within Agero’s environment would have an enormous impact on customers waiting for roadside support. In addition, Agero’s existing infrastructure did not have the flexibility to handle major spikes in traffic, meaning that Agero’s support staff became inundated with calls during inclement weather or natural disasters.

Agero partnered with Kia Motors to manage helpdesk and customer affairs through their contact center, but this expansion, as well as the stringent service and system continuity requirements, demanded significant improvements to their call center. Agero brought in TTEC Digital to help completely redesign their environment.

The solution

TTEC Digital helped Agero map out distinct strategies for disaster preparedness, responsiveness, and recovery. Because Agero processes calls for multiple enterprises, the BPO/overflow call routing and failover scenarios were complex.

Using Amazon Connect, Lex, Polly, S3, and Kinesis, TTEC Digital delivered a solution that met the specific continuity and back-up requirements needed to support Kia’s customer helpline. TTEC Digital was able to complete the project without disrupting existing customer interactions.

The result

Agero is now able to provide overflow call routing and failover support to agents or an automated service within minutes, maintaining support levels even in a system-impacting event.

  • Flexible Integration: As an open platform, Amazon Connect easily integrated with legacy Agero solutions and CRMs.
  • Reliable: The consistency and dependability of the Amazon Connect platform means that Agero can be consistent and reliable for their customers.
  • Painless: Technology projects don’t have to be complicated or painful. Solution design and deployment went smoothly and efficiently, resulting in better customer experience