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Triumph in making connections after a natural disaster

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The challenge

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the American Red Cross quickly deployed food, shelter, and hundreds of volunteers to help thousands of displaced Texans. However, this initial emergency was soon compounded by a succession of additional disasters over a very short period, resulting in a flood of phone calls that quickly overwhelmed the Red Cross call center.

In order to reach people in need, the Red Cross needed to augment its call center to receive and respond to calls from thousands of individuals and agencies located in three different geographical areas – and it had to be developed and deployed in a matter of hours, not days. The Red Cross engaged the services of TTEC Digital, an AWS partner and expert in an AWS Partner and expert in the implementation of Amazon Connect.

The solution

Overnight, the Red Cross assembled a team, with TTEC Digital AWS specialists leading the Amazon Connect implementation. Soon, a new cloud-based call center was up and running – complete with new phone lines, established call routing rules, and newly trained volunteer agents ready to triage the influx of phone calls.

A process that normally takes 4-5 months was completed within 48 hours.

The result

  • Scalable: Amazon Connect scaled quickly and easily, connecting more people to the help they needed.
  • Fast Deployment: Rapid response is necessary in a disaster. In a matter of hours, TTEC Digital stepped in, analyzed the challenge, recommended and then implemented a solution.
  • Passionate: Technical expertise in AWS and passion for customer experience enabled TTEC Digital to quickly find and implement the best solution for the situation.