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The Collinson Group serves travelers from the cloud with TTEC Digital and AWS

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The challenge

When fostering brand loyalty and traveler services is your business, your contact center must deliver superior customer support. The Collinson Group’s on-prem legacy Avaya solution was expensive to maintain, limited in capacity, and lacking in many capabilities needed to support their growing business. Most crucially, it could not support a 100% remote workforce.

Collinson began evaluating new contact center technologies that could help them expand customer reach, increase communication channels, and provide personalized and automated customer service and discovered that Amazon Connect fit their needs. However, they realized that due to COVID-19 work-from-home orders, they only had two weeks to deploy a new contact center solution.

The solution

TTEC Digital delivered the Amazon Connect solution in a single global instance, designing and deploying the solution to support Collinson’s Travel Experiences division. The Amazon Connect platform contained the following key features:

  • Simple User Interface: An easy-to-use front-end user interface allowed easy control of hours of operation (emergency closures and holiday schedules) and message prompts.
  • Real-time Reporting: This solution provided the ability to push real-time and historical data to their existing MS-SQL database to integrate with current business processes for reporting, as well as workforce management and optimization.
  • Secure Payment: Secure IVR for processing customer card payments in a fully PCI DSS-compliant manner using PayShield solutions.

The result

Within two weeks, TTEC Digital was able to design and deploy Amazon Connect at incredible speed. The easy-to-use interface required minimal training and enabled hundreds of Collinson’s contact center staff in Cape Town, Dallas, and Hong Kong to accept calls on Amazon Connect from the safety of their homes using only a laptop, headset, and internet connection.

As the number of incoming calls began to slow due to travel restrictions, Collinson utilized the downtime to continue enhancing the contact center build. TTEC Digital configured enhancements such as:

  • Preferred-language contact routing profiles
  • Security requirement improvements powered by PayShield
  • Expansion readiness for future growth into additional markets
  • Automated omnichannel capabilities
“VoiceFoundry [now TTEC Digital] designed Amazon Connect right in front of us and would screen share to implement designs on the fly. This enabled us to visualize how calls would be routed and handled. It is no exaggeration in saying that VoiceFoundry helped to ensure our customer service operation was fit and secure for the new work-from-home directive that was happening in countries around the world.”
Chris Barrow, Solutions Architect, Collinson