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How AI can reduce friction across the customer journey

From CrmXchange

When we think about the customer experiences that really matter, we often focus on face-to-face interactions. But in today’s increasingly digital world, the customer experiences that take place on digital channels are just as important. In these channels, it’s not about creating exceptional experiences, it’s about creating effortless experiences – the experiences where customers can meet their needs without friction.

Unfortunately, digital channels are often anything but frictionless. Interactive voice response (IVR) systems force us to listen to endless array of options. Chatbots don’t understand what we’re trying to communicate. And speaking to a human agent can mean waiting on hold for hours.

Fortunately, we can improve these areas of customer friction with artificial intelligence (AI). The key is to apply AI intelligently throughout the customer journey, and that requires a strong foundation in CX (customer experience) principles as well as a deep understanding of the technology. Read on to learn about three common CX challenges that AI can help solve.