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How to use generative AI to make your CX feel more human

From CSM The Magazine for Customer Service Managers and Professionals

Right now, generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT are making headlines — and in some cases, being used to write those headlines — leading to excitement and speculation about what the future holds.

Some articles focus on uncertainty and anxiety: that AI is not yet sophisticated enough to be trusted with important decisions or inputs, or that even a small human error in input could result in major harm. Others fall closer to the opposite end of the spectrum, and the alarming concern that AI may soon evolve past our understanding into existentially threatening territory.

These fears are understandable. Watching fully formed sentences appear in real-time before your eyes can feel uncanny. But these fears are misplaced. AI remains a reflection of us, trained by large language models to react in limited ways to specific situations using human knowledge that humans programmed.

By and large, it’s still humanity at the center. And while it may be less exciting than some of the sci-fi situations being concocted, the human aspect is really where we should be focusing the bulk of our concern.