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A defining moment: GenAI, Google, and the empowerment of federal civilian agencies in the digital revolution

What will AI’s role in federal civilian operations be, and how can it potentially transform this sector?

Watch this webinar for a discussion on the groundbreaking capabilities of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in the federal civilian sector. During this session, we discuss Google’s AI initiatives as well as AI's role in federal civilian operations and data protection before diving deep into Google's future vision of AI seamlessly integrating into this sector to enhance efficiency and outcomes.

Speakers from TTEC Digital and Google’s core AI team will cover:

  • exclusive insights into Google's trailblazing contribution to the GenAI revolution
  • a demo of Google GenAI
  • the best practical applications of GenAI according to Google partner TTEC Digital

Don't miss this session tailor-made for federal civilian professionals and AI enthusiasts: you can watch below now.