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Data, AI, and the Importance of CX Strategy

At the leading edge of the retail experience, brands like Amazon and Google continue to stretch perceptions of what is possible from a customer experience perspective. Their innovative technologies and omnichannel customer journeys continue to set and re-set the bar for the best experience a customer can have.

At TTEC Digital, we call this phenomenon the Last Best Experience. The marketplace is full of examples of this phenomenon in action. From the product support at Apple to the customer experience at Brooks Brothers in New York City, last best experiences serve as the foundation of many of the most successful modern brands.

So, the question becomes: how do brands deliver an LBE in this hypercompetitive experience economy?

The answer is simple: Data.

In this video, hear from David Langlois, VP of Retail Digital Sales at TTEC Digital, as he discusses how data-driven strategies can help brands build their own last best experiences.

Want to explore how TTEC Digital can help your team deliver data-driven experiences that build loyalty?

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