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From crisis to control – How to rethink 9-1-1 dispatch strategies

911 contact centers are facing a growing crisis. Despite handling a nearly 15% increase in calls year over year, many 911 call centers are understaffed, with some emergency contact centers 70% vacant. Further complicating this situation is the fact that, of the approximately 240 million calls to 911 that occurred last year, more than half were non-emergency calls — power outages, inclement weather closures, wild animal sightings, and other critical-but-not-quite-emergency situations where a caller still needs assistance in finding the right resource.

In this webinar, citizen experience experts from TTEC Digital and AWS discuss the quick wins that some leading 911 centers are already leveraging to deliver faster citizen support and vital workload relief for employees, as well as:

  • NG911 requirements and how they will continue to shape the emergency experience
  • Call deflection strategies to reduce volume for dispatchers
  • Automation tactics that can address non-emergency requests
  • Streamlined post-contact workflows to improve process efficiency
  • Case studies examples from recent emergency experience transformations

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