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Robert Wakefield-Carl, Senior Director – Innovation Architects | How TTEC Digital Works for Me

Hi, I’m Robert Wakefield-Carl at TTEC Digital, I am the Senior Director – Innovation Architects for the TTEC Digital Genesys Presales team. The best job in the world! I get to play with the latest technology, learn every day, and share what I learn and know with my colleagues and customers – couldn’t be happier with what I do!

How does working at TTEC Digital work for you?

Having come over from the Avtex acquisition, I was at first wary of the large corporation, but those fears were allayed after seeing the concern of management for the well-being of so many individuals and their own work/life balance. The team I work with under Alfredo Rizzo has allowed my talents to blossom as I have blessed so many of my colleagues with answers, insight, and help as they work to close deals without customers. I have always had the motto – find a vacuum and fill it, and TTEC Digital allows me to do that in so many ways by understanding the technology and helping those around me better make use of it and help our customers to embrace it.

What do you love about your job?

What I love about my job is that I can use my talents and knowledge to help others in tangible and appreciable ways.

What makes working at TTEC Digital special or unique to you?

What makes working at TTEC Digital unique to me is that there are so many talented individuals that are able to use their gifts in so many ways and we don’t have to pigeon-hole our customers into a single platform or solution, but of course, the opportunity to be able to help so many of them in my own special way is because our management wants each one to thrive in their own special way.

What is your proudest TTEC Digital moment?

My proudest TTEC moment has been seeing the WinWire’s week come out and knowing that I did my part to help each of those come to fruition. There is nothing better than and IM to a colleague to say congratulations and job well done!

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