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Siva Charakani, Data Scientist | How TTEC Digital Works for Me

Hi, I'm Siva Charakani from TTEC Digital. I work as a Data Scientist under the Analytics Practice. As a data scientist, I gather large amounts of data, analyze it, separate out the useful information, and then utilize some ML tools and extract insights from the data that can be used to increase the productivity and efficiency of the client's business.

How does working at TTEC Digital work for you?

I'm a newbie in the domain of data science, but right after I joined the company, I was put into a project. I was a little worried at the beginning, but my team took out time from their busy schedule and taught me all that I need to know about the project and how to proceed further. Even now, both onshore and offshore team members help me whenever I'm stuck. Also, I got an opportunity to learn a lot of new technologies and methods in a very short span of time, which is going to help me in my career development.

What do you love about your job?

What I love about my job is, I get to work on challenging projects and there is a good alignment between my personal values and TTEC Digital company values.

What makes working at TTEC Digital special or unique to you?

TTEC Digital encourages us employees to think creatively and offer our own solutions to problems and how things are done. Everyone in the company is given equal opportunity to express their views irrespective of their experience or background.

Tell us about your experience so far at TTEC Digital.

Working as a data scientist at TTEC Digital has provided me with lot of opportunities. Actually, I'm not from the data science domain, I was from the mechanical domain. I completed my bachelor's in mechanical engineering, then out of passion, I switched my careers from mechanical engineering to data science. Initially, it's little difficult for me to adjust to the new domain, but then my team members, they are very helpful to me. Like I said, I was put into a project right after I joined the company. And again, it's one of our biggest and most important clients, so the project that I'm going to work should be perfect and it should add value to the business of the client. So, every day I got an opportunity to interact with my senior manager or other teammates to understand a lot about the project and to learn new things.

And one other thing that I love about TTEC Digital particularly is, we have a micro team structure over here in AIX division. So, one or two persons, they work as a team and they try to deliver the project. So, we share the work among ourselves, we divide everything among ourselves, and we try to help each other while delivering the project to the client. So yeah, like I said, initially it's little difficult, but then I never felt tired or stuck at any point while working on the project. The reason being, the team members are very helpful. We follow the particular value, act as one team, very seriously, and it help me a lot. Right now, I'm very much comfortable working with TTEC Digital because I'm already six months old in the company and I have a good understanding about how everything works. I thank my colleagues and seniors for that.

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