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Tech Talks: Genesys insights

Welcome to the latest sessions from our Tech Talks series all about Genesys technology. With your host, Dann Sanders, senior principal sales engineer at TTEC Digital, you'll explore advanced features, get practical insights on optimizing customer interactions, and stay updated on important changes to Genesys features and solutions.

Let's dive in!

Guide to Genesys Agent Assist

Are your contact center agents spending too much time finding information instead of helping customers? Watch our latest Tech Talks video on Genesys Agent Assist where our sales engineers explain how this tool can:

  • Reduce time spent searching for answers and on repetitive tasks
  • Let agents focus on empathy skills rather than content training
  • Help agents deliver a more attentive and personalized customer experience
  • Standardize interaction summaries and wrap-ups
  • Auto-summarize customer surveys and reports, saving valuable time

Guide to Genesys Knowledge

Delivering exceptional service requires equipping your agents with the right knowledge at the right time. That's where Genesys Knowledge comes in!

By surfacing the info needed for smooth interactions, Genesys Knowledge can drive higher productivity, faster resolution times, and ultimately, better customer experiences. Watch the second installment of our Tech Talks series where we deep dive into Genesys Knowledge to learn about: 

  • Unified knowledge base
  • AI-powered content curation
  • Seamless content creation
  • Intelligent search
  • Actionable insights

Deprecation of Genesys Web Chat

On December 31, 2024, Genesys will retire its Web Chat product and replace it with Genesys DX, a new standalone digital customer engagement offering. In the third installment of Tech Talks, you’ll learn why Genesys Web Chat is being phased out and how to plan your migration to Genesys DX or alternative solutions before the end-of-life date. 

Need help transitioning your Genesys Web Chat instance?

TTEC Digital provides migration services to help you navigate the transition process and identify replacements that best fit your business needs. Our team of Genesys experts is ready to help.

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