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Unlocking Vertex AI: Empowering knowledge workers with Vertex AI

blue background with the title "unlocking vertex AI: empowering knowledge workers with Vertex AI" and images of the speakers Caleb Johnson and Shawn Lewis.

In today’s information-rich workplaces, employees have access to more data than ever. However, that data may be siloed or otherwise difficult to navigate or access due to non-integrated systems or inadequate data management processes. Google’s Vertex AI can help your employees quickly and easily access the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and provide exceptional service to your customers.

In the third webinar in our Unlocking Vertex AI series, TTEC’s Chief Technology Architect, Shawn Lewis, will join TTEC Digital’s Executive Vice President, Caleb Johnson, to discuss how your organization can harness Vertex AI to build effective employee assistants that can:

  • Provide information to personalize customer experiences
  • Summarize and contextualize content
  • Answer questions and generate responses
  • Empower knowledge workers by streamlining access to critical information

We’ll also discuss how TTEC has implemented this technology internally to provide best-in-class experiences to our own customers and employees. Fill out the form below to watch now. 

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