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In the experience economy, frictionless experiences have become table stakes. Now, consumers are demanding more. There’s a new set of customer expectations for seamless consistent, proactive, predictive, and dependable interactions not only within, but across every interaction channel, platform, and business function throughout the entire customer journey. In other words, consumers expect a Total Experience.

In this video, hear from Kate Kompelien, Director, Customer Experience Solutions at Avtex as she unpacks what it means to deliver a Total Experience and what could happen if companies fail to meet the new set of customer expectations.

“By 2024, organizations providing Total Experience will outperform competitors by 25% in satisfaction metrics for both customer and employee experience.”

The Total Experience Playbook

Your customers want a consistent experience from the moment they become aware of your brand, to the moment of purchase, and throughout their entire customer lifecycle – that means delivering a total experience. We’ve got the playbook to help you design and orchestrate a total experience that helps you find, keep, and win more customers.