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Hi, I'm Katie Simmons at TTEC Digital. I'm an instructional designer for the learning and performance team. As member of my team, I'm involved in creating learning solutions that help various clients inspire and empower their employees to deliver amazing customer experiences across a variety of channels and industries.

How does working at TTEC Digital work for you?

I just have some of the most amazing, talented teammates. The project I support was really struggling with overcoming objections. I wanted to do something big to help. I called in some of my fellow designers and we worked together to develop a bundle of interactive training materials that focused on confidently and appropriately handling these call types, and it made a huge impact. I really feel that collaboration drives us to innovate.

What do you love about your job?

I really love feeling like what I do is important.

What makes working at TTEC Digital special or unique to you?

TTEC Digital's diversity and inclusivity make it special to me. I get to work with teams around the world, even when I'm supporting a single client. Our diversity makes us stronger.

What makes TTEC Digital a great place to collaborate?

TTEC Digital's drive to grow and innovate are what make it a great place to collaborate. We're always looking for new ways to do things better.

What does a supportive culture mean to you?

The supportive culture means to me that we appreciate each other's unique talents and contributions and we learn from our differences.