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SurroundCX™ Managed Services

Amplify your entire CX ecosystem with proactive monitoring and support, optimization, and innovation services from TTEC Digital.

Maximize every aspect of your customer experience

The world is moving to a multi-cloud, multi-platform, multi-AI landscape. It’s a complicated environment, and your customer experience depends on all aspects working perfectly in harmony.

So, how do you monitor the clouds and make sure apps are running as expected? How do you know which new platform features are best for your business? And how do you deploy these features safely and effectively?

You need to spend your time innovating and differentiating — not babysitting your CX technology. SurroundCX Managed Services can help.

Effective and scalable CX tech stack management

Improve experience

Dedicated support

A dedicated Client Success Manager will help you get the most from your CX technology investments while our 24/7 Global Support team ensures your CX operation is always on.

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Holistic CX strategy

Your CX operation requires multiple systems running in concert – contact center, CRM, AI, and more. Our approach crosses tech platforms, ensuring all facets of your CX and EX are firing.

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Built-in innovation

SurroundCX Managed Services are designed to help you keep pace with rapidly advancing technology and are customized to your organization’s needs.

Trusted by organizations around the world


managed services clients operating on the leading contact center platforms


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SurroundCX Managed Services offerings

We extend industry-leading support and innovation throughout your CX operations. Choose coverage in one or more of four focus areas:

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CX success plans

Stay ahead in the evolving CX landscape with plans available in three tiers that allow you to choose the ideal level of ongoing support and innovation management.

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CX platform monitoring

We proactively monitor your entire CX stack to swiftly identify and resolve potential downtime and quality issues for uninterrupted customer experiences.

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CX platform hosting

Let us handle the hosting of technologies and services to connect with telco endpoints and facilitate the smooth transfer of CX journey data between platforms.

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CX innovation services

Prioritize innovation and optimize your CX continuously with proactive action plans and ongoing tuning from TTEC Digital expert consultants.

Expertise in leading contact center technologies

Transform your business with SurroundCX Managed Services

Find out how you can amplify your entire CX ecosystem with proactive monitoring and support, optimization, and innovation services from TTEC Digital.