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Microsoft's DCCP and Copilot: Empowering Government Contact Centres with Generative AI

Greenwich Mean Time, Virtual

The webinar title, "Empowering Government Contact Centers with Generative AI," appears with TTEC Digital and Microsoft logos as well as headshots and names of the presenters: Mohit Sachdeva, Hilla Goff, and James Fenton.

In today's digital-first world, public sector agencies often struggle to provide the omnichannel customer experience that citizens have come to expect from all the organisations — from retailers to government offices — that they interact with. Unfortunately, the public sector faces distinct challenges related to data security and operational constraints that can hinder their ability to meet these expectations.

To help navigate these hurdles, we invite you to join experts from Microsoft and TTEC Digital as we discuss how central and local government agencies can harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with Microsoft's AI-enabled Digital Contact Centre Platform (DCCP) and Copilot assistant feature. Together, we’ll explore how these agencies are revolutionising their contact centre capabilities to elevate citizen experiences while streamlining the technology implementation processes.

What you’ll learn

  • How Microsoft’s DCCP and Copilot can help public sector contact centres automate routine tasks, freeing agents to handle more complex issues.
  • How virtual agents and agent assist features can enhance customer interactions by providing fast and accurate responses to common inquiries.
  • Tips for leveraging Copilot to unleash greater productivity and creativity.
  • How DCCP’s analytics capabilities can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and trends, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.
  • Best practices for customising and implementing DCCP to meet the unique challenges faced by public sector contact centres.

Who should attend

  • Government contact centre managers and leaders who want to modernise their contact centre and enhance their service delivery.
  • Government IT and digital transformation professionals who want to learn about the latest AI technologies and solutions for contact centre optimisation.
  • Anyone interested in learning more about Microsoft and TTEC Digital's partnership and vision for the future of government contact centres.


Mohit Sachdeva

Mohit Sachdeva

Sales Director, TTEC Digital

James Fenton

James Fenton

Business Applications Specialist – Central Government, Microsoft

Hilla Goff

Hilla Goff

Business Applications – Central Government/Public Safety National Security, Microsoft

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